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ADP Streamline: Global Payroll services that put your workforce first


For international corporations doing business across countless countries, cultures and currencies, meeting their global workforce’s individual payroll needs can be a daunting and time-consuming task.

Ask most companies with multi-country workforces how they feel about handling their employees’ global payroll, and you’re likely to get one of the following reactions.

“To be honest, we struggle to achieve consistency in our payroll processing.”
“We’re planning to expand our global operations, and are worried that we won’t have proper control or visibility of payroll services in our new markets.”
“We didn’t realise a single global payroll solution from a sole vendor was possible.”

ADP Streamline is just such a solution. Outsource your global payroll to us and you gain a complete multi-country payroll and HR services platform – locally managed and centrally controlled – in over 100 countries. Leaving you free to focus on running your business.


ADP Streamline’s Annual Report FY14

To give you more of a feel for what ADP Streamline could represent for your business...

Outsource and optimise your global payroll

  As your company expands, merges or centralises shared services, there’s one thing your international workforce will always have...

As a leader of a multinational organization managing a global workforce, you face multiple challenges every day. Disparate HR systems add complexity to your global  employee data management, and thousands of legislative  updates every year increase your organization’s risk of  non-compliance. 

Complex legal and tax mazes, cultural differences and labor laws - the complexity of international payroll can make you think twice about entering foreign markets.
But where there is talent and potential to optimize investment, there must be a way to unify, ease and transform global Human Capital Management.  


Extend your Business reach – in over 100 Countries Worldwide

The chances are that wherever your company does or is planning to do business, ADP Streamline is already there – meaning you can easily scale up your payroll and HR administration needs as you expand your global footprint.

Our certified network of in-country payroll experts spans countries and continents to bring you in-depth knowledge of local payroll laws, risks and requirements, helping you enhance your international governance at a stroke.


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